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Sealed food under bed


If the food under the bed was in a sealed container is there still a problem eating it



The halachos of food that was left under a bed apply even if the food was covered.

It is noteworthy that there are instances that even if food was let under a bed that it is permitted. For example:

  1. It only applies if someone actually slept on the bed when the food was under it.
  2. It doesn’t apply to medications, or toothpaste, as they are not considered food for this.
  3. Food under a seat in an airplane, boat, baby carriage, the lower bed of a bunk bed, according to many poskim are not included as this only applies to food that was left on the floor under the bed, and the food in all these cases is suspended, and not on the ground.
  4. According to many poskim, even if the food was left under a bed, bedieved it is dtill permitted to eat.



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