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I am a Hebrew roots Christian believer and wondered if I should redeem my first born


I am a Hebrew roots Christian believer and just wondered if I could or should try to participate in the redemption of the first born. We believe that we are grafted into Israel and as the strangers who were brought out of Egypt with the Israelites were required to follow Torah as well as the Israelites. Just wondering if I should try to do the redemption for my first born son, or is that something that a person who is not Jewish cannot or should not participate in. Also I wondered if it were possible to just pay the price to a Jewish Kohanim for the redemption of my adult son? I was just wondering if I should try just in case it is required of me. Thank you so much for your response and help.


If you are not Jewish there is no need at all for you to redeem your oldest son. The strangers that left Eqypt with the Jews underwent a conversion to Judaism. If a gentile doesn’t undergo a Jewish conversion he is not obligated in the commandments for Jews, but only in the seven Noahide commandments. I would recommend that you concentrate your energy on these seven commandments, and then you’ll know that you did God’s will.


Maimonides Kings chapter 9-10, Rashi Exodos 32-7

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