Why is it that we don’t start the calculation of vestos while a girl is single, why do we start once she’s married?


You are very right. We certainly should start calculating them from when she is single. However there isn’t a need to start with it until she is near the age of dating, because we only need a few months of times to calculate the vestos.


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7 Responses to “Calculating vestos”

  1. I never heard of people calculating it while a girl is single and dating…

    • It is commonly done.

      • Is this discussion Brought down in halacha?

        • See Chochmas Odom 113-40, that she should preferably write down her periods in order that she should know when her onot are. He doesn’t say that it is specifically from after she is married. Besides, it is simply practical that she should keep a few months of vestos in a calander so she will know what the dates are after she gets married. Aside from this, if she makes a note in a calander for a few months it will help out when they are planning the date of the chasuna. Unless you want to rely on her taking pills, which can have negative side affects.

          • Thanks a lot

          • i think you mean 112-40

          • Thanks

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