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Davar charif with olives


we had a jar of green olives in brine a davar charif that was used with a fleishig spoon for sure and posibbly a fleishig fork to poke at them but dont know so there may have been a or a few olives that were poked by fleishig fork and then some olives and brine were poured into a milchig bowl and served with milchig spoon…are the milchig keilim treifed? i would assume that the fleishig keilim had been used for fleishig at some point and the milchig keilim had been used for milchig. thanks!


The dishes are not trief and they don’t have to be kashered.


There are a number of leineint factors here. First f all regarding the fork that only possibly was stuck into the jar, if we don’t know that  was stuck inside we will not assume it, (achzukei isura lo machzakinan). (Besides, if the fork was stuck inside it will only make the olive that it pierced fliechig, and that olive most probably was already removed from the jar.)  Regarding the spoon that was stuck inside, if it was in the jar for less than 18 minutes, then we will not say that it was kavush with the olives, and not taste went out of the spoon. Even if the spoon was inside the jar for more than 18 minutes, a spoon is usually used on a bowl, and therefore only has absorbed taste of a peels worth, ( kdei klipa). Therefore even if it did give absorbed taste to the jar of olives, this minute amount will be botil in the rest of the olives and liquid, so it will not make anything trief.

Aside from this, we have numerous opinions that the olives are not even fleishig. The opinions (mechaber Y:D  96-1), that say that if the kli was not a ben yomo it isn’t a problem. Even if we do like the rema that it is an issue, there are those who say the olives are not a davar charif.  See Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 96-13, Chochmas Odom 49-7.

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