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cholent pot , cheese on edge


Cholent with meat was just turned on. Barely warm. Hot cheese fell onto edge of pot, outside of the cover, and a little on the edge of the cover. There was no liquid or food touched. It was dry where the cheese fell. and I cleaned if off right away, without anything touching the part of the pot with food. Again, the cover was on, and the cheese fell on the tip of the cover and outside of the cover.
Do I need to buy a new crockpot, bidieved? (shalom bayis is a part of this- )



You do not need to buy a new crockpot. All you need to do, is pour boiling water over the part of the lid that came in contact with the hot cheese. The reason for this is since the pot wasn’t hot, only a minute amount of the cheese got absorbed into the lid, (k’dei k’lipa), since we say tata’a govar, and it was also only iruiy kli rishon. Therefore even though the pot was used afterwards, we are not going to say that the cheese got absorbed into the rest of the pot since the cholent was more than 60 times the amount of the absorbed cheese. The only thing we have to take care of l’ chatcila is the original absorbed taste.

Enjoy your Shabbos your cholent and your shalom bayis.


Y:D 91-4.


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