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Milchig pizza tray on fleishig countertop


a hot round Pizza tray with holes in bottom (with pizza on the tray) was put down on fleshing formaica countertop and when removed there was moisture I’m assuming from heat going from Pizza through holes in tray on to counter, I moved it to Dairy counter while still hot. we did have fleishigs the night before but not sure if anything hot and wet was put on that spot…is the countertop and tray still ok?


The tray is surely ok. This is since we can assume the countertop wasn’t a ben yomo.

Regarding the Formica, it is controversial if it needs to be kashered or not. The question at hand is if the amount of moisture that was there is enough to conduct absorbed taste or not. You can rely on the lenient opinion if you want, however it would be preferable for you to clean that area and pour boiling water over it.


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