Is it permissible to conduct Shnayim Mikra for Parshat Nasso on 2nd day Shavuos during the day? Thank you.


You may say shnayim mikra from the Sunday of that week, even though there is a Yom Tov in the middle of the week. The reason is because it is the beginning of the week for that parsha. The poskim discuss a different case, if Yom Tov would be on shabbos which will cause that that shabbos ‘s reading is not any parsha, can we start from the first Sunday or do we have to wait until after shabbos. In our case however everyone agrees that it is permitted from Sunday.

 It is also not Hachana from Yom Tov to shabbos, because learning torah is never considered hachana, because we need the torah knowledge, and because it is a mitzvah to do now.


OC:H 285-3 M:B 7 ,Shevet Halevi 10 78, Chut Shani 4-87(1). Aruch Hashulchan O”CH 667,  Yalkut Yosef O”CH 9 pg 216.

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2 Responses to “Shnayim Mikra when Yom Tov is in middle of the week”

  1. Thank you. That is correct, however my question is whether it can be performed right on Yom Tov itself or is it considered being Maychin for Shabbos on Yom Tov seeing that there is a day between Yom Tov and Shabbos (Friday), this year. Thank you.

    • It is not Hachana from Yom tov to Shabbos, because learning torah is never considered hachana, since it is a mitzvah to do now. See Aruch Hashulchan end of siman 667, and Yalkut Yosef O”CH 9 pg 216.

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