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kiddush Hashem


There are some circumstances where a Jew has to give up his life if there is a minyan there and he is being forced to do an aveira.

Question: Is the person himself included among the ten? Are women included? Children? Not frum people?


If the person himself is included is questionable. If women and children are included in the ten is controversial some say they are and some say they are not. Regarding if they have to be frum people or not, I haven’t seen anything on it as of now.



Dvar Shmuel (Abuhav) 63, Minchas Chnuch 296, Ohr Gadol siman 1 pg. 2, Darcei Teshuva Y:D 157-24, Zera Emes 3-54, Gilyun Maharsha Y:D 157, Pischei Teshuva ibid 7.

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  1. If there are 10 people (besides him), then certainly he has to die and not transgress if the goy is forcing him to do the aveira for the purpose of violating halacha. QUESTION: Why don’t we say that one of the people should run away, so that there will be only nine, so that the person won’t have to give up his life?

    Another question: If one is being forced to do an aveira that, if there are 10 people, he has to die and not transgress, but right now there are only 9 people, may he scream for a tenth person to come, so that he will be able to be mekayem the glorious mitzvah of sanctifying Hashem’s name?

    1. The halacha is tha even if 10 people know abou0t it , it is also considered like ten people are there.
      I don’t think that one has to gather a minyan so he can die al kiddush H-ashem!!

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