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Mechalel Shabbos person as Shaliach Tzibbur


A couple of weeks ago there were only about 15 people in shul on a Friday evening. The regular shaliach tzibbur was away on vacation and the only person capable of leading services was someone who is mechalel Shabbos. Is he disqualified from doing so for this reason?


A person that is mechalal Shabbos is disqualified from being the shaliach tzibbur. This is especially true if the reason he is mechalel shabbos is because he doesn’t believe in torah shebal pe, or he has other doubts in moshiach, techias hameisim or the giving of the torah.


M:B 126-2, 53-22, Zicron Yehudah O:CH 7, Yalyuk Yosef 1 Dinei Shatz ftnt. 7.

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