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Shinui Makom from terminal to airplane


If I eat some “sh’hakol” foods or drink in the airplane terminal do I need a new bracha rishona when I get on the airplane? Would there be a chiluk between eating the same item vs. eating something 1st served on the plane?


It depends on how he was eating it. If he was in the terminal for a very short time, like just walking through, then he would be considered like he is middle of the street traveling, therefore the bracha would be good enough for the plane. However it would only be good for what he is planning on eating now, not a different food that the airline is going to serve, if he didn’t specifically have it in mind.  However if he sat down, or was waiting for a while in the terminal, as many people do when they are waiting for  a flight, then it is like he was “koveh makom” over there, and he would have to make a new bracha on what he will eat in on the plane. The reason for this is because the plane is considered a different house, even though it may be possible not to have to walk outdoors, it still isn’t considered two rooms of one house, and it is a shinui makom.



O:CH 178-1

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