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tea bags on Shabbos


If one is served tea that was made with a tea bag on Shabbos, and one is makpid not to make such tea himself, as the Chazon Ish and others forbid it, may he nevertheless drink it once it has been made, to avoid offending the host?

If there is some way for him to spill it out or give it to someone else without the host finding out, is there any inyan for one to be machmir, as certainly there are poskim who hold that making tea in such a way is chillul Shabbos?


 The rule with benefiting from maaseh shabbos( Melacha that was done on shabbos by a Jew), is that if there is a significant opinion that holds that it is permitted, then if someone did it, we are allowed to benefit from it. However he should not ask the host to make him such a tea. If it was made specifically for him he may benefit from it according to most poskim.



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