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חיסכון לכל ילד ביטוח לאומי


we are in the midst of registering children for the חיסכון לכל ילד accountant said for
american tax reasons we should use your bank as the option for the חיסכון when trying to setr it up the following options came up
חסכון בריבית קבועה לא צמודה
חסכון בריבית קבועה צמודה
חסכון בריבית משתנה
we would like to know which of these is the best halachic option
thank you
avi sudranski


 It is interesting to know that there is such an option. If this is indeed true, you wouldn’t have a problem, because all the banks in Israel have a general heter iska. It is however preferable fr you to sign a private heter iska with the bank, when signing up for the program, or opening up an account. Having said that, all the options are all permitted, and the same.

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