If one is hearing Kiddush from someone else on Shavous night with intent to be yotzi only the 1st two brachas, but the listener desires to make his own Shehecheyanu bracha (later on, or along with the mevorech), may he answer Amein to the bracha of the mevorech, or is it a hefsek between hagofen and drinking the wine?


See Igros Moshe O:CH 4-101, regarding women saying amen even though they already said the bracha that it isn’t not a hefsek. However it is controversial, ( see Rivivos Efrayim 1-182) and therefore in your situation, although you want to make your own bracha, which in itself is controversial, in this instance it is even worse, because to are answering amen with the intention that you don’t want to have a part in it. 

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