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davening rabbit tzoah


this shabboss lunch i will be eating by somebody that has a rabbit cage right near the dining room table…the cage will have atleast some droppings in it…is there any heter to make kiddush and hamotzi daled amos away from the cage or must we go into another room?


There are two potential issues with the rabbit’s cage, the rabbit’s droppings, and the cage itself. The rabbit’s droppings, in of itself is not going to be problematic, unless it actually smells. The reason for this is that rabbit droppings don’t smell on their own, therefore we don’t have to worry about them if they don’t smell. If they do smell then we may not make a bracha anywhere that it smells, and it is controversial if we have to go 4 amos away from where it stops smelling. I would assume though that if they keep the rabbit’s cage near the dining room table, it isn’t for its fragrance, and that it is clean and doesn’t smell.

The second issue is the cage itself. Again if it smells then we have to go  4 amos from where it stops smelling, but again most probably it is kept clean and it doesn’t smell, therefore it most probably is alright.

In any case there is no need to go into another room. 


O:CH 79-4, 8  M:B 22,23. 28 Biur Halcha D:H Aval

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