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Kashering Old China



My mother-in-law who didn’t keep Kosher left us some bone-china. It has not been used in 20 years. There is a gold plated rim. Is there any way to Kasher it?




Generally the halacha is that china is a material that cannot be kashered. The reason being, that it is a type of material that absorbs a lot and doesn’t expel what it absorbs. There is however an opinion that in an instance like yours, that it would be permitted to kasher it 3 times, but only in specific extenuating circumstances. If you think this is the case please let me know.



Igros Moshe Y:D 2-46, His rationale is that dishes usually absorb from iruiy kli rishon or kli sheini, coupled with the fact that it wasn’t used in 12 months. Nevertheless it would still not be permitted to kasher it, but in certain circumstances, it would be permitted.

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