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Putting out flame of Shabbos candles before she makes the brocha? Taking fire from candles


  1. Can a women put out the flame of the match she was lighting candles on Shabbos, before she makes the brocha?
  2. Is there any problem with taking fire from an already lit candle?


  1. Technically a woman may put the match out after she makes the bracha, because we pasken that she is not mekabel Shabbos until she actually makes the bracha. Some women are careful not to put out the match because there are opinions that say that the woman is mekabel shabbos right after she finishes lighting her candles, even before she makes the bracha.
  2. She may not take a fire from an existing candle, even if the reason is to take a fire for another mitzvah. The reason is because it is considered disrespectful to the mitzvah to use it for our own purposes.


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