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Kashering plates in a non kosher kitchen


I’m renting a villa and wanted to use some of the kitchen facilities. The oven I can kosher and also the cutlery. I was hoping not to buy new dishes, so is it possible to kasher dinner plates, cups and saucers, cereal bowls etc. of a non jew in the dishwasher. I’m buying new saucepans, cutting boards and knives etc. It will be for a week only. For a family of 12. So buying new dishes will cause me extra expense. We don’t intend to eat meat. Your view and knowledge would be gratefully accepted.


I don’t think, that it is a good idea to try to kasher the trief dishes etc. in a trief dishwasher. Halachically it isn’t simple, and practically the dishwasher has to be spotless. Besides you will have to make sure that all the things you want to kasher are spotlessly clean even in the joints. Aside from that not all materials can be kashered.

 I think you should consider buying nice plastic ware, for the cutlery, and dishes, and this way you will have an easier and nicer vacation, even in the spiritual sense.


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