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MiIchig quiche in fleishig warmer


a long time ago i was acting as mashgiach at an event where we borrowed a fleishig warming oven to heat and keep food heated for the event ….we had fleishig at night then the next day like lunch we had milchig when i got there during the day they had put dairy food in the warming drawer i remember there being a quiche in there uncovered that i took out but dont know how long it had been in there i think everything else was covered atleast once i dont know if there was sauce on outside of pans it was a long time ago… this point is there what to rely on that it was not treifed or does the shul that it was borrowed from need to be alerted asap thanks….maybe a sfek sfeka?


There is no need to worry about it since b’dieved.



















ed we are not going to worry about zeia if it was in the oven by itself.

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  1. the other pans that I mentioned were in there at same time does that make a difference? thank you

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