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Dark lenses (sunglass lense) that clips onto regular glasses


Is it permissible for one to clip dark lenses onto regular glasses if the person would otherwise not be able to go outside due to extreme eye sensitivities toward the sun?


During the week there surely isn’t any issue with it. Regarding shabbos if there is absolutely no fear that he might take them off when he is outside, i.e. he will not remove them even if he is in the shade, or if it will suddenly get cloudy, then it is permitted. But if he might take them off when he is in the street then he is not allowed to wear them, unless he gets sunglasses that are actually attached to his regular glasses or prescription sunglasses, that can be worn as regular glasses.


Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 18-18, ftnt. 71, 73, Poskim.

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  1. The Rav’s answer to this question assumes there is no eruv. But in a city with a properly maintained eruv, how are clip on sunglasses different than any other article of clothing or item that is mutar to use on Shabbos?

    1. Correct. If here is an eruv then you can carry whatever you like as long a it isn’t preparing for after Shabbos.

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