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Kitchen- dish rack


I am sfardi and I was told by a sfardi Rav that I was allowed to use my dish rack (metal with some parts covered with rubber and plastic silverware holder) for drying dishes for both meat and dairy dishes after they are washed. I forgot to ask if it would be an issue for all type of dish racks regardless of their material. I have one sink so I usually wash dairy and then wash my meat dishes after and put them to dry at the same time. Would it be ok to dry them on an all plastic dish rack at the same time?

Thank you!


While halachically we can say that it isn’t allowed, the custom is to have different dish drains. From a practical standpoint it makes a lot of sense. The reason being, that if you will put milky and meaty dishes on the rack, especially at the same time, over time they can mistakenly get mixed up.


Pischei Halacha R’ Forst pg. 350.

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