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Men’s undergarments


A friend told me that halacha prefers briefs over boxers for men. Something to do with the contact that boxers allow which briefs do not. Is there truth to this?


Although this is a bit of a sensitive topic, let’s get some clarity on this topic. The idea here is that the person’s ervah should not touch his thighs when he daven etc., for this it is enough that he wear boxers. There is an opinion that the “kis” underneath it, should also not touch his thighs. We don’t pasken according to this opinion, however the M:B says that there are those that are careful about this. Wearing briefs would prevent any contact between the two parts, but on the other hand the briefs are snug against the body and can cause rubbing and stimulation then it is not worth the chumrah. Therefore there is a preference, to wear boxers shaped underwear.


O:CH 74-5 Be’er Hativ ibid10,  M:B ibid 20, Orach Neeman 74-13, Mekor Chaim 74-5, Ishei Yisroel 35 ftnt. 139.

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  1. Thank you! I don’t understand why boxers would help for the first part though (I know it’s getting a bit graphic, sorry).

    1. It does help get in between the ervah and the thigh, and it isn’t tight

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