During the Nine Days, may one drink wine that is diluted with water or other beverages so that its bracha becomes shehakol? (such as a small amount of wine and a lot of water)

May one drink reconstituted grape juice whose bracha is shehakol?


See Sharei Teshuva 551 D:H Yesh Nohagin, that he says not to drink diluted wine even if it’s bracha will be shehakol. Reconstituted grape juice is the same as diluted grape juice, ( and even worse, since it has a strong grape taste).


See Be’er Hetiv 551- 29, Shevet Halevi 9-132, R’ Eliyashev quoted in Ashrei Ish 3-69 (39), Teshuvos V’hanhagos 2- 259, Nitei Gavriel 39-6 ftnt. 8.

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