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Requesting Payback Of a Loan


I lent someone money & he said he would pay back in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later he said he needs another 2 weeks. It has been many weeks since then & he has not paid back. The loan was verbal with no witnesses. I don’t think he denies the loan.

My question is, am I allowed to approach him & ask him/remind him to pay back. I seem to recall halachas re: not being “k’nosheh” i.e. pressuring the loveh etc…? What am I allowed to do?


You can remind him gently about the loan, without pressuring him. However if you know that he is a poor person and he doesn’t have the mean to pay it back, then you are not allowed to even mention the loan. (In such an instance you may not even walk in front of him, because it will embarrass him!)


CH:M 97-2, Kesef Hakodoshim ibid, Peleh Yoetz, “Chov”, Pischei Choshen Chap. 2- 8 ftnt. 17.

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    1. I understood from the poskim that you have to know.

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