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Maaser to a friend in need


Dear Rabbi,

I am very strict in giving maaser…to me it’s one of the most important mitzvot. I usually give to different organizations… My friend called me up and said she was stranded in NY and didnt know what to do…someone just left her there and she had no money. I wired her some money for a motel to sleep in and a bus ticket. Can I count this as maaser since I don’t expect her to pay me back? I know she is having a hard time (she is looking for work but hasn’t found anything)


You may certainly count it as tzedakah and maaser. A “rich” person that is temporarily stranded and needs money is right now considered poor and we have to give hijm tzedakah, to help him out of his situation. Especially in your case where she doesn’t have enough income.

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  1. Thank you very much. I really appreciate that you got back to me…especially so quickly!

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