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Tissues on Shabbat that are stuck together


I know we’re not supposed to rip toilet paper on Shabbat. But does this include Tissues that are attached very slightly to the tissue beside it (where most of the time it’ll be detached by itself anyway). Or is it Assur anyway because of Makeh BePatish?. Is there any Heter?
(Asking because the tissues in the shul that were bought for toilet paper, (instead of cutting the regular toilet paper), was these types of tissues. And they bought them in bulk on sale. Not sure what to do from here. Thanks


To seperate them on shabbos even though it appears insignificant, is makeh b’patish, ( and possibly koraya) and can’t be done on shabbos. There are instances when toilet paper can be ripped with a shinuy, but this is only if you encouter it on shabbos itself, and there isn’t any oither alternitive, but here it is before shabbos.

I would suggest that you buy other tissues for shabbos, and use these during the week until they are finished.


M:B 340-45, Biur Halacha ibid V’chayiv.

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