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Kiddush from a bottle


If one only has small 1-oz cups for Kiddush, may he make Kiddush on the actual bottle of wine, and then pour into the 1-oz cup twice (and drink 2 oz), which is certainly a melo lugmav?


If one doesn’t have a choice he may make Kiddush even if the “cup” isn’t full. Therefore your bottle will be your “cup”. Regarding the drinking, although it is preferable to drink the melo lugmav without stopping in the middle, it is also not meakev, and if this is the best you can do, you are yotza. Regarding how much is melo lugmav- it depends on how big your “one cheekful” is, a bigger person needs to drink more than a small person, but no one has to drink more than a reviis itself.


O:CH 271-13, M:B 271-52, 68.

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  1. Poskim mention that if necessary, the melo lugmav can be consumed by a combination of people, not necessarily only one. So whose cheekful would we go by in such a case, as everyone’s mouth is different?

    1. Thhey should drink like the amount of an average person, see חוט שני (ח”ד עמ’ צ”ד ד”ה בביה”ל), מועדים וזמנים (ח”ב סוף סי’ רמ”ז), ששכ”ה פרק מ”ח הע’ צ”ב, שולחן שלמה ס”ק כ”ז

  2. I heard regarding making kiddush on scnapps that it is preferable to make kiddush on a entire bottle on schanpps rather than a 1-oz cup. That way the bottle could be used the kos and it holds the shiur. If you make kiddush on 1- oz cup, there is a problem of making a kiddush without using the proper requirment for a kos which is a revi’is/ 2,9 oz.
    I would think that making kiddush on the wine bottle would take care of the kos requirement issue.

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