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Cold shower in the nine days


Is one allowed to take a cold shower “to promote well being” and ” relive depression” in the Nine days

Many thanks


The terminology to “promoting well being” does not permit taking a shower, because everyone feel better after they take a shower, and if this would be custom wouldn’t exist!

Regarding “relieving depression”, if the person is not well, and it isn’t being done for pleasure, but for a medical reason then it is permitted. It is difficult to categorize what this means in such a forum.


Leket Yosher pg. 109, Darcei Chaim V’shalom 665,Horav Eliyashiv zt”l brought in Halichos V’hanhagos pg. 12, Kol Hamisablim Aleha 11-5.

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    I thank the Rav for his prompt reply.
    However I will rephrase my question in order to clarify my question.
    I live in the UK where cold showers are cold and the outside temperature is also cold
    I take a daily Cold Cold shower. This is pure punishment and I do it because it helps me sleep properly otherwise I wake up in the middle of the night causing me problems. It also diminishes my sexual urges/appetite.

    Am I permitted to take these Cols Showers in the Nine days?

    I appreciate the Rov’s time

    1. Under the cpondotions that you are describing, it would not be for pleasure, but for a specific need and would be permitted.

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