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Use of Fidget spinner while davening


Could I use the fidget spinner while daveing if it helps me concentrate on the davening? What about during the Torah reading? What about on Shabbat?
Thank you so much


It is nice to see that you are looking for ways to concentrate better during davening.

There are two problems with using a fidget spinner during davening. The first is that during shemona esrei we may not hold anything in our hands and we may not do anything except concentrate on talking to the king. Secondly, when the person is playing with the spinner aside for it being disrespectful to the davening, (no one would use a fidget spinner when talking to a governor or other important person) it is also going to disturb the concentration of the people around him. Therefore even during kriyas hatorah, it is also disrespectful.

Regarding using it on shabbos, it is permitted.

May H-shem help that you should be able to concentrate during davening, and He should answer all your teffilos.


O:CH 97-1, M:B ibid-1, and 146-15.

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