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non-jew transporting something on shabbos


May I take my suitcase and put it in the car of a non Jew on Friday knowing the non Jew will be driving the car to a certain destination on shabbos? Once at the destination, my intent is to then remove the suitcase from the car after shabbos is over. The non Jew’s intent is to drive to that destination, unrelated to the transport of my suitcase. The weight of the suitcase would presumably add insignificant additional gas usage.


My apologies that it took so long to get back to you.

Under the conditions that you are giving it is permitted. The reason is because the non Jew is not driving there because of you, and the fact that his driving is taking your suitcase is only a psik reisha, to his driving the car. A non Jew may do an action that is a psik reisha for a Jew on shabbos, especially since you didn’t tell the non jew to drive the suitcase there


Rema 253-5. M”GA ibid 1, Hagoas Boruch Taam on Tav ibid 19.

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