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Yichud when husband goes to the mikvah in the morning


i am having a handicapped bochur for Shabbos and I need to go out to the mikvah shabbos morning for about 20 minutes and I will have to leave him at home then.
Is it considered yichud? The Mikvah is down the block from my house.
everyone will probably be sleeping at the time.
In addition i have 5 children ages (almost) 8, 6, 5, and 2.
Is locking the door permitted in this instance?


It is not yichud and the door may be locked, This is since it is still considered ba’ala ba’eer since he is still in the city, and because he may come home at any minute.

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  1. But the bachur knows that he is not coming home for at least 20 minutes, and the shiur for yichud is much less than that?

    1. He still might come home to get something puts a fear into his wife and therefore she will not sin so it isn’t yichud.

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