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If I and add oil and spices to bread crumbs, is the bracha hamotzei or mezonos?


If i grind bread into crumbs and add oil and spices.. Would the bracha be hamotzei or mezonos?


It depends on what you do with the mixture afterwards. If you cook it or fry it, the bracha will be mezonos, because then it is considered to have lost its bread properties. However if you will the mixture the way it is, then it is tricky, but here are the rules. If the mixture has a resemblance of bread, meaning that you can tell that it is made of bread crumbs, then its bracha will be hamotzi, similar to eating plain bread crumbs. However if it no longer resembles bread, then if the crumbs are made into balls etc. that are a kazayis or larger the bracha will be hamotzi, (like cooked bread), but if they are smaller, the bracha will be mezonos.


O:CH 168-10, M:B ibid 49, 59.

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