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Taking delivery/picking up clothing purchased before the nine days


I bought shirts and pants from Amazon several weeks ago (before 17 Tammuz even) — and had them sent to a friend in NY, because they had agreed to bring them when they fly to Israel. They will be arriving in Jerusalem Tuesday — during the nine days. Can I pick up the clothing from the hotel desk during the nine days? I’m not sure if I have an alternative, as they are not staying until after Tisha B’av.

Is it okay l’chatchila to pick up/receive new clothing that was purchased before the 3 weeks & 9 days, or is this bidieved? We are Ashkenasi

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 L’halacha it is permitted since you didn’t buy it now. If you feel that getting the item will give you simcha and you don’t want to do it, that is a nice thing, but it is allowed.

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