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Boating during the nine days


We are in a boys camp. Is it permissible to go boating during the nine days? if yes, is it limited to rowing? is canoeing permissible?


From a halachic and technical standpoint it may be permitted, as it is not considered bathing etc. However I would strongly discourage it. The reason being that this period is a time of sakana, and there is a danger involved in boating and surely in canoeing. There are poskim who frown upon swimming in a river even during the three weeks, surely during the nine days. This is especially true when a group of children, or even teenagers are going there.

Another reason I should be discouraged is because the nine days is not a time for going on trips, and pleasurable outings. See Moadei Yishurun pg. 136, in the name of R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l, that one should not go on outings during the nine days.



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