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Rent control


Is the landlord allowed to raise his rent after the 3 year agreement to a double in price? In halacha is there any form of rent control? Sources please


I asked your question to Horav Yosef Fleishman, the Rosh Bais Dinm and this is what he wrote back to me.

There is no such thing. When a lease is up the tenant has no right to stay in the apt. according to Torah law. Therefore, why shouldn’t the owner have the right to raise the price. There is a teshuvo in the Iggros Moshe (CH:M 2-55) in case there is a local ordnance or law that enacts rent control-from there as well one can see that if there is no local law then one can raise the rent. If he wants to read more about the right to evict a tenant he can look at the Alon Hamishopot which is posted on the site-there are a few on secherus batim and one of the earlier ones deals with this (Its around alon 82).


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