My neighbor gave me the food from his shiva house that was leftover
I was holding it for someone else needy.
The needy person turns out doesn’t need it and I am now ” stuck ” with it ( fruit , milk , etc)
Can I eat the food or should I throw it out ?



This minhag that the Ashkenazim have not to take things out of the shiva house is only until after the shiva is finished. (The reason is because of a certain tumah that there is in the “bais ha’ovel” but after the shiva is over it isn’t considered a bais haovel anymore, and things may be taken out). Therefore you may eat the food, and use it like any other food.


Hagoas Rabbi Akiva Eiger Y:D 376-4, Divrei Sofrim ibig 34, See also Buir hlacha ibid D:H V’nohago.

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