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Visiting the vatican


Hi. I am planning a trip to Italy very soon. I wanted to know if I can go to the Vatican and/or the Sistine Chapel. Can you please provide sources?


Being that you are going very soon so I will answer you very shortly. The sources will have to wait until I have a little more time.

You should absolutely not go to the Vatican or to the Catholic Churches. All the Rishonim, the Rambam, Rashba , Ritva etc. all say that Christianity is avodah zara, Therefore going into a church is not allowed, looking at the beauty of avodah zara is not allowed, if they charge anything to get in you are supporting avodah zara, and besides by visiting an avodah zara you are making yourself closer to sympathizing with their aveiros, and their false ideas.

One last point…  looking at it from a different angle. One has to think, would H-shem want me to visit the very places that want to turn all the Jews away from Him?  To give recognition and therefore sympathize with those who have waged a war with his people, tortured and murdered them by the millions, in the last 2000 years?

Right now it is erev T’bav and we are going to sit on the floor and say kinos, and some of those kinos will be mourning over the destruction that was done by the Crusaders, and the holocaust, which the church instigated, support and in a large way help carry these out atrocities. Besides the hundreds of thousands of people killed, tortured, or made homeless by the Spanish Inquisition,

I am sorry that due to a lack of time I can’t write the sources, but if you remind me, IY”H I’ll send them to you.


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