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Makeup on Tisha B’av


If my wife must go into work on Tisha B’av for a couple hours, Is she allowed to put on makeup?


Women should not put on makeup on Tisha B’av, and the reason is because on Tisha B’av we are not allowed to annoint ourselves. Applying makeup, perfume,  or using soap are all examples of annointing.


NItei Gavriel 73-5, in the name of R’ Moshe Feinstein Zt”l. Also see 31-5.

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    1. I am assuming that you mean to ask because you need something wet to remove the makeup. It deends why you are removeing it. if it is bothering you, then it is permitted, the same way a person may wash of a dirty spot on Tisha B’av. However if it is’t because it is bothering you, then you shouldn’t use something wet to remove it.

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