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Maariv after Hamapil


If a woman forgot that she didn’t daven Maariv and she began the bracha of Hamapil, what is the correct thing to do? Stop where she is and daven Maariv or continue Hamapil and go to sleep? This woman usually davens Maariv every evening.


This is an interesting question. The achronim say that although we should try not to talk out after saying hamapil, however if there is something important that we have to say, or do before going to sleep, such as I one remembered that he/she forgot maariv, he may daven it after saying hamapil. The reason for this is that the main reason for the bracha of hamapil is on the fact that H-shem created sleep, therefore you may still daven maariv.


Chayei Adom 35-4, Mekor Chaim ( Chavas Yair) in Kitzur Halachos, Piskei Teshuvos 239-3.

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