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A leak in the apt upstairs


There is a leak on my ceiling. a painter came down and after many months he said that it is still wet and not drying. he brought down a plumber who said that there is definately a leak in the apt upstairs. in order to fix the leak we have to find it. either by breaking the floor or by sending camera- both are quite expensive.1- who is responsible to find the leak? 2- if i am responsible and it turns out there is a leak does he have to pay? 3- if i have to pay does he have to let me do the work?
thank you


Answer from Horav Yosef Fleishman Shlit”a.

Make an agreement with the neighbor which plumber  to take and if it is his fault he should pay and if not you’ll pay-some maintain that you should share this expense but perhaps this is better. If there is a leak in his pipe he has to do the work and pay for it-if it isn’t you’ll have to fix it.

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