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Ezekiel 4


This is non-halachic question, could I ask the following please: Shalom, do you know how the prophecy of 430 years of Ezekiel 4:3–6 got realized? G-d told Ez. That the Jews would be exiled/suffer 430 years but they returned only after 70 years. What happened to the rest – 360 years? Surely it wasn’t 70 instead of 430… Do you know of an explanation? With source please. Rather urgent, Thank you.



I think that someone is not understanding what happened in these verses, let’s translate the verses to get their context. “And you should take an iron pan, and emplace it as an iron wall between yourself and the city, and concentrate your face toward it – so it shall be (look) besieged, and you shall lay siege to it. It is a sign to the family of Israel.  You are to lie on your left side and place the iniquity of the family of Israel upon it, according to the number of days which you shall lie upon it, shall you carry their sin. For I have given for your sake, the years of their iniquity, as the number of days; 390 days so you can bear the iniquity of the family of Israel.” What H-shem is telling Ezekiel, is to lie on the ground and pain himself in order to atone for the sins of the Jews, and according to the number of days that he will pain himself that will ATONE for their sins. This is not a prophesy that the Jews will go into exile for 430 years.

I could be that there is a mix up between 430 years the H-shem told Abraham that there will be an exile in Egypt. Yes you are right the exile to Babylon was only for 70 years.


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