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baked chicken if it’s considered bishul


if it is mitur to take out a piece of baked chicken from the hot plate and put it into a pot of hot soup or cholent that’s also on the hot plate, or it is considered bishul after afiyuh?


It is considered bishul achar afiya, since the chicken wasn’t ever baked yet, therefore it should not be done on shabbos.


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  1. i don’t understand the answer “since the chicken wasn’t ever baked yet” ?
    the question was on “baked chicken’ that was baked in a oven with a drop of water, onion and other spices, before shabbos, and it was on the hot plate, just to keep it warm, but friday night after the meal i want to put it, in the cholent.

    1. Correct. that was a typo. It should of said cooked. The answer though remains the same.

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