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Can I use wire to support a Sukkah awning (Shlock)


I want to build a retractable awning (shlock) over my sukkah. The shlock will be fabric that is supported by 3 or more thin wire cables (like clothesline) that are stretched tight over the top of the sukkah and the schach. The fabric is pulled over the wires to cover and open it. Are the wires ok? They will be there even when the shlock is retracted. Please see picture. (FYI. this is called a slide-wire canopy). If the wire is not good can another material be used (like plastic or cotton rope etc)? thank you


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You can use the wire without any problem, since the wires are more than three tefachim away from each other, everyone agrees that it is permitted.


O:CH 632-1 M:B 627-17.






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