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Praying Vatikin alone vs praying with a minyan


If a person always prays vatikin 6 days a week with a minyan and there is no vatiquin minyan on Shabbat is he better off praying vatikin alone or should he pray later with a minyan. Please give complete sources for your answer. Thanks


It is controversial, but most poskim say that it is better to daven vatikin without a minyan than to daven later with a minyan.


The Mishna Berurah Biur Halacha 58 D:H U’ Mitzvah Min Hamunchar, Ohr L’tzion 2-7(5),  Tzitz Eliezer 14-5, Teshuvos Vhanhagos 3-33, Oz nidberu 12-42,  all say that if one usually davens vatikin, that he may daven it also without a minyan if there isn’t one. See also Halichos Shlomo Tefilah 5-17 that even if it is only on specific intervals that he may daven without a minyan, and Maaseh Ish 3 pg. 157 that Vatikin is better than tefilah b’tzibur. (Even though the terminology of the Biur Halacha is that he is “allowed to” the poskim say that it also means that it is better to). However in Maaseh Rav 25, Haelef Lecha Shlomo 47, Pri Yitzchok -1, Kovetz Teshuvos 1-15, Beer Moshe 3-58 say that it is better to daven with the minyan.

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