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Transporting a sefer torah


I am looking for sources on halachos relevant to transporting a sefer torah, such as 1) must it be held the entire car ride, 2) are there anythings which one should not do while holding a sefer torah (during the car ride). Please send the relevant pesakim (answers) and the sources. Much appreciated!


Regarding holding the sefer torah during the whole ride please see the following post:

Regarding things that should not be done while holding a sefer torah, one s not daven, shemona esrei, shema, or pesukei d’zimra etc. while holding a sefer torah because it will hamper his concentration.  We may not enter a bathroom shower room or cemetery while holding a sefer torah. Also the car would be considered the room the sefer torah is in, and one may not change a diaper in that room, or be undressed. 


Brachos 23b,O:CH 96-1 M:B 1,2. . It is interesting that the Shulchan Aruch does not mention the other two things that the gemora mentions, urinating, and sleeping in regard to sefer torah, but only to tefillin. Y:D 282-1, 4.

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