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Praying / Mi Shebeirach for non-jew


HI and thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
Am I allowed to pray for a non-Jewish person who is ill to get better? Can I say Tehilim? What about the Mi Shebeirach at the end? (The language is amongst all other Jews who are sick?) If i can pray for him should I use his father or mother’s name?


Davening or saying tehillim for a gentile that is sick that he should get better, is permitted in many instances. If the gentile kept the 7 commandments, then one may daven for him, otherwise one may daven that he should correct himself. Another instance that we may daven for them is if the Jew will have a benefit out of the gentiles getting better, i.e. he is a business associate, customer, the gentile does him favors etc., then it is permitted. Then there wouldn’t be an issur of “Lo Tichanim”. This is especially true regarding a ger davening for his parents.

It would also be permitted if the gentile asks you to daven for him, because if he will see that you don’t it will cause hatred, and to avoid hatred it is also permitted to give things to a gentile. Besides, by davening for him it will cause a Kiddush H-shem when he gets better. If the goy did the Jew favors he may daven for him,

If the name of a sick person isn’t known one may say the person’s name and family name, or even or “ben/ bas chava”.

You can then say your own tefiilah for the sick person without saying the Mi Sheberach.


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