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Maaser for hurricane victims


Dear Rabbi

There are shuls in Houston Texas that I can support for help because of the flood–I can also send items of food, sundries etc. that they need. May I use Maaser for these items or should I donate money for Maaser. Also the shul might be helping others who are not Jewish who turn to them for help. Is this still considered Maaser if others as well as Jews are helped by the donation?
I know that there is a Jewish community in Houston that need our help–I have Maaser to give and I ask if indeed Maaser can be used to donate to help our people there. If not I will give Tzedaka over and above Maaser
Thank you Rabbi for your help and kindness


It is so nice to see how everyone comes to rescue in times of need.

Right now the Jewish community in Houston needs help and money from others, therefore they you may give them from your maaser money. If they decide to give some of the money to gentiles that is thier decision, and that should not stop you from donating to them. If you can indeed send food etc. that might be better than money, as it is useable right away.


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