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bookmarks with pesukim


Is it permitted to use a bookmark with pesukim written on them in Hebrew, i.e. Ivdu es H’ b’smicha (no actual shemos)
Thank you.


The bookmark would be shaimos since it has three words of a posuk on it. However you are allowed to use it as a bookmark in a sefer, since it was made and designated for that when it was made, but not in books that aren’t books of kedusha.


Y:D 284-2, Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 248 -3, Igros Moshe Y:D 2-135 D:H that even if the actual name of H-shem is not written out it is still shaimos. Although one shouldn’t use a sefer as a bookmark, (Sefer Chasidm 902, Anvnei Yoshpe 3-12(2), Ginzei Hakodesh chap.3 ftnt. 15), but here it was made for that. Pri Megadim M:Z 153-15 and M:B   154-6that we may not use tashmishei kedusha for mundane uses. R’ Y. Feinhandler shlit”a.

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