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Brother as shomer in car on deserted roads


Is there a problem of Yichud for a brother(over Bar Mitzva) and sister(over Bat Mitzva) to travel with one man who is driving them in middle of the night in a place where there aren’t cars on the roads, and there aren’t people on the streets, and it’s possible that the brother will fall asleep at some point


If the brother might fall asleep while they are traveling, then he can’t be considered a shomer, and it would be yichud. There are certain relatives that would be a shomer even when they are sleeping, such as a husband and wife a husband, or a wife, a man with his mother in law and her daughter-in-law, however a brother and sister are not included in this.


Rema E:H 22-5, Meiri Kiddushin 81, Pischei Teshuva E:H 22-2, Toras Hayichud5-20,  21.


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