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Hair Covering in bedroom


I’d like if possible a detailed explanation about the hair covering for a married woman. My husband says that it’s usser for it to be uncovered in bedroom every night (excluding when being together). I want to know references where it says all the info about it as I want to be clear on it. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


Regarding a married woman covering her hair in the privacy of her home, the Magen Avrohom O:CH 75-4 says that according to the strict halacha it would be permitted, and that it is hinted to in E:H 22-2 and Tosefos Kesubos 72a D:H Val, and this is the way R’ M. Feinstein zt”l paskens in Igros Moshe E:H 58. The Mogen Avrohom however, brings the Zohar (also see M:B 75-14) that talks strongly against a woman uncovering her hair even inside of her home. It says, that “not even one hair of her head should be seen by the walls of her home because it causes poverty in the home. If she does this, she will have children that will rise above others, and it also will cause that her husband should be blessed with all the blessings, with children and grandchildren”.  We also all now the famous story of Kimchis that kept her hair covered and merited that all her children became kohanim gedolim. The Magen Avrohom and R’ Moshe both say that although it is technically permitted, however it is very much a correct thing that they should have their hair covered even at home. This is also the opinion of the Mishnah Berura (75-14).

On the other hand there are those who do say that it is halachically forbidden, see Shut Chasam Sofer O:C 36, Shevet Halevi 5-199 (2), Chut Shani Shabbos 3- pg. 272.

To sum up, whether it is “assur” or not is a machlokes, however everyone agrees that it is strongly recommended for the woman to do so.

It should be mentioned that there is a big difference between halachically forbidden and strongly recommended- that if a woman’s covering her hair in her home will cause shalom bayis or other issues, then one may be maikel that it is only very recommended.


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