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3 noshim meshamshos bimoch


I haven’t learned the sugya in a long time but as I recall Tosfos learns this as referring to cleaning the private area after intercourse. Based on his shita would it be an issue for any other woman to clean herself up afterward? If yes, would it be preferable if these three types of women also refrain?

Thank you very much in advance.


The Tosefos is in Kesubos 39a. The issue is for the woman to clean inside herself, and not merely on the outside. On the outside has no issue of wasting seed, however it is not permitted for her to douche or clean herself on the inside afterwards. Nowadays any woman that has a medical need to practice birth control is going to take pills etc. and should get the advice of a Rov to make sure that it is done in a halachically permissible way.

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